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Asparagus Pudding

Let there be skin for everyone.

Blediffe Cannell

Darian's Haircut

You're probably wondering about the name. Well, my name was taken, and there was this guy on one of the local news channels in Nashville who had an unfortunate haircut. It was a thing unto itself. It looked more like architecture than hair. It was hard to describe, but was is sort of like anti-bangs, but with short hair. So far, the best description I've been able to come up with is that he had sideburns on his temples. It was not Darian's fault. It was the fault of whoever invented that haircut. Darian Trotter's Haircut sadly had no voice of its own, so I am giving it mine. And my name was taken.

There was a surprising amount of interest in being able to see this haircut. Unfortunately, there don't appear to be many pictures of Mr. Trotter online. I've only seen one, actually, and that has gone 404 on me.

Yes, I misspelled the man's name in my userid. That is to avoid legal trouble. Either that, or I goofed and cannot fix it. To be fair, his haircut has been looking less unfortunate to me lately. Yet not fortunate. He disappeared from our local news lineup awhile back. As, apparently, has his haircut.